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While your entire family no doubt leaves the computer on all the time, you can often solve a serious problem by turning off the computer and then unplugging it. Then press and hold the power button for forty-five seconds while the computer remains turned off. This may cause the amount of light LED to flash. Windows may be able to…

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Troubleshooting steps for amfphp url channel.connect.failed error netconnection.call.badversion

I created flex with a PHP backend. The iPhone Flex application needs to communicate with the backend that creates Zend_AMF. I have a Zend_AMF endpoint implemented as a controller so it’s very accessible at http://localhost/myapp/amf. I’m trying out a test service using the ZamfBrowser Platform Browser. 1 Tips For Fixing Amfphp Url Errors Channel.connect.failed Netconnection.call.badversion – Virus Fixers loading server…

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