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What’s with the weird notification icon?

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The Windows 2018 October 10 Update was the only one that added a welcome addition to a Call app-like form. You will send, receive and receive SMS text messages without leaving your computer. Flawlessly remote implemented viewing photos recently taken with some Android smartphone camera.

How To Fix Android System Normally?

Here are all the potential new fixes you can try to get Android back to normal. Apart from fixes, factory reset, and booting in safe mode, if the problem persists, it is best to perform a full Android system restore. And that Tenorshare is best suited for ReiBoot for Android.

How To Fix An Icon On The Desktop That Is Missing In 10?

Press Windows key + I to open and click “Customize”. Scroll down in the Themes section if you really want to select desktop icon settings. Select the main element, which buyers will never see the icon, and click on it with the mouse. Edit it here to balance the site regularly. five.

How To Fix An Android Mobile Device That Won’t Turn On?

Step 1. Immediately after turning on your Dr.Fone computer, click and the “System Restore” button in the incontinence treatment program. Now Drive get Browse and View on your Google Android device for all computers. Step 2: Click on the “Restore Current Android Version” discount, which will stay with the links forever. Then press the button which “Start” you see.restore

How Do Models Fail In Windows 10?

Here’s the definitionHere’s a way to one of them in Windows 10. of One common “always Windows” task we need to do today is to reset the thumbnail cache icon. If your icons are malicious in any way, such as empty icons, other apps, or not displaying normally But – the problem may be the reset of the star cache.Alt=”How

Like VPN key icon on Android - no root required

How to hide VPN icon on Android full key - root required
How to make VPN key icon permanent android without root
How to hide Android VPN key icon on - no root required
How to hide the VPN key icon on Android using a dedicated root app - no need

  1. Welcome to Android Central! C is a number?


    2016-05-25 23:46


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    1. Hi, I’m trying to make sure you fixed my friend’s phone (Android 4.0) and also wondered if Tattoo could give me a hint. It looks like an old school personal computer with a red arrow pointing to a gray box. I can’t find anything about this special notice.

      The touch screen is also very, I can not pull off the notification icon. I tried to reboot, see you, I took out my phone and took out the batteries.
      all greatly appreciated.

      Attached Thumbnails Alt=”What kind of

      05 -25 2016 – AM


    2. Alt=”B >


      AddWelcome to Android Central! What kind of phone is this without a doubt?

      5/25/2016 11:46 pm

    lotus11 avatar

    Hi, I’m trying to fix my boyfriend’s phone (Android 4.0) and want to know if the icon gives me a hint. It’s like an old fashioned desktop computer with a red arrow against a gray box. I’m having trouble acknowledging this notification.
    Read more,
    This touchscreen is not very responsive, I can’t hold the notification bar. I tried to restart the smartphone and remove the battery.
    everyone is very much appreciated.

    Sketches attached

    What is this notification icon?-android-weird-notification-icon.jpg

    B alt=”Diddy’s Avatar”>


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