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8 Easter eggs and Windows 10 secrets you might be looking for

The user can also find the Easter egg by launching the “About” program manager, holding down Ctrl, Alt and ⇧ Shift, double-clicking the rectangle colored with the Microsoft Windows logo, but still closing the window. In addition, the rabbit is the icon for the Microsoft Party Line (rumor.exe) in some pre-release versions of Windows 95.

Dedicated Port of Doom.
make phone calls.
Team movie “Star Wars”.
God ‘mode.
Hobbits on Windows.
Quick Access Office.
Cortana games.
Edit the hint.

Try Windows Safe Mode.
Check the battery.
Disconnect all your USB devices.
Disable fast startup.
Check other BIOS/UEFI settings.
Try to run a proper malware scan.
Launch the command line interface.
Use System Restore or Startup Repair.

Microsoft has a long and interesting history of hiding Easter eggs, game secrets, and everything else that happens on its operating systems. Who probably forgets Hall Tortured Souls for Microsoft Office in Windows 95, in addition to Pinball in Word in Windows 97? Ten isn’t as playfully addictive as the progressive Easter eggs he launched with his Trustworthy initiative in 2002. But there are still a few hidden surprises here and there. Here is our selection of Easter eggs and 10 secrets of Windows.

1. Port Dedicated Destiny

It took several years for the popular first-person shooter Doom to hit Windows and platforms, but when it did, there was a lot of buzz around the type of game. The game was called Doom One 97, a classic fashion designer joke. At Id Software they assigned 666 as the game’s network port. but

There aren’t as many Easter eggs in Windows 10 as in previous versions, but this product helps prepare by hiding some games in its Cortana voice assistant. There are several games that you can playIt’s easy to play with Cortana. You can identify it with “Toss a Coin”, which probably says it all.

Surprisingly, to this day, Doom’s default port 666 in Windows 10 is named after the pioneers of demonic games.

Go to “C:WindowsSystem32driversetc” then open the “Services” track in Or Rewrite Editor overwrite it and while scrolling, customers won’t find their Doom.

2. Phone

If you have a modem configured this way it’s not an important feature for most new computers paired with laptops. However, if this applies to you and your company, you can make calls directly to your Windows 10 PC. Click

Just R, win to get the command, then select run, “dialer.exe”. Click OK

If a computer or phone is connected to your tablet, the dialing program will be activated. If not, you will receive a warning prompting you to activate the condition.

3. Star Wars CMD

It’s no secret that many software developers are fanatics at heart and appreciate sci-fi, fantasy worlds, and all sorts of crappy auctions. If you hit “dig” in Windows 10, you’ll stumble upon a Telnet version of the excellent Wars Hidden star on the command line.+

Navigate to the Windows 10 advanced boot options menu.
Once your computer starts, select Troubleshoot.
And then you need to click on Advanced options.
Click Startup Repair.
Follow step 1 from the previous path to access the Windows 10 advanced boot options menu.
Click System Restore.

Press win R on your keyboard to open the download window, in this case enter “C:WindowsSystem32OptionalFeatures.exe”. p>

Then scroll down to the “Client” entry where it says “Test telnet”, check the box next to it and Click OK.

Press Win Next, + r this and the following: telnet-tool usually displays.blinkenlights.nl.you

Now sit back or enjoy an episode of Star to Wars IV via telnet.

4. Fashion

This god may seem a little bigger than it actually is, but god mode is still a handy offering that displays all of your control panel options in a long, single watchlist.


Simply navigate to any location on your hard drive in File Explorer, create a new folder by right-clicking on an empty space, and go back to New -> Folder, then name the current folder like this:

You will see that the it folder will immediately turn into a control panel icon. Just double click the image and you will see all control panel options on the screen. Clients may want to change the view, the path to change it in the list, or to clarify the coverage details.

5. Hobbits On Windows

Windows 10 doesn’t have as many Easter eggs as previous versions, but it helps prepare for them by hiding a few games in its Cortana voice assistant. There are a few games that you can actually play with Cortana. You easily tell him, “Flip a new coin,” which speaks for itself.

Remember what we said about software developers’ all-consuming love for fantasy and science fantasy? Well, this easter egg brings that detail home, like the picture of Lord Frodo’s house in relation to the Rings movie hidden in Windows 10. find

To get it, go to “Settings in Help -> Accessibility”, where you can find “Subtitles” on the far left panel.

In the preview panel, you’ll see an idyllic green hill with a fairy tale hobbit burrow built straight out of the latest Lord of the Rings movie!

6. Quick Access Desktop

While we know that Win + D gives you instant desktop access to your desktop, did you know that there is an almost hidden label next to your notes? so thin, most users have not seen it. This makes it an Easter egg.

Look at your notifications on the right, you will see a thin line. press, you and it instantly minimizes everything you take to the desktop.

In addition, if you want to block the currently running application, you can minimize it in the system using various third-party tools.

7. Cortana Games

There are not as many Easter eggs in Windows 10 as in previous versions, but this can help improve it somewhat by hiding game programs in the Cortana voice assistant.

There are actually several games you can play with Cortana. You can see how it turns into a coin, which in itself can be an explanation. followed by “rock, paper, scissors” and a picture quiz triggered by “play a movie”.

Recent versions of Windows 10 have changed the functionality of Cortana. If you don’t have access to these games, you may be using the latest version, which is great for security, but not for making Easter games.

8. Invitation

Too Edit Tired of a boring black and white team? One of the top 10 most interesting Easter eggs for those who usually use The command promptegg.com is the customization feature.

Open a command prompt and right-click the message header line. Select properties and start editing. Change the font, font size, design, labels, and colors. X Looking for a great teal with black text? No problem. To undo changes, view the tooltip in its entirety and re-enable it.not


The choice is as wide as in those good days when Windows was mature, but with Windows 10 there is still plenty to do. Have you really found Windows? 10 Easter creations or secrets we don’t have here? As a general rule, let us know in the comments!

When you’re done exploring these Easter eggs, try our fun Google To hide board games.

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First, shut down your computer completely. Then take a chance and press the entire F8 key while booting. You will see the Advanced Boot Options splash screen, from which you will enter Safe Mode. Select “Repair your computer” and run Startup Repair.

MICROSOFT is hiding a fun game about the latest version of its Edge cyberspace browser. A mini game called Let’s Surf lets you control a surfer on the best journey through dangerous waters. edge://surf is now available as a regular offline game in Microsoft Edge!

There are not as many Easter eggs in Windows 10 as in previous versions, but there are many ways to balance them, withcovering certain games inside one voice assistant, Cortana. Thanks to Cortana, you can play many games. You can say it’s Flip a Coin, which is very understandable.