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If you don’t have a touch screen instead of a laptop, you’re not alone. Touch screens provide many of the features of a laptop, including note-taking, drawing, and easy navigation. While AirBar is the easiest way to rotate your laptop screen with a touch, it is compatiblenot with all laptops. While buying a good new screen isn’t usually that easy for you (most of the time), there are ways to satisfy your touchscreen cravings. This wikiHow article shows you to implement touch functionality on a Windows or macOS laptop without using AirBar.

This article was written by Nicole Levin, MFA. Nicole Levin is a technology writer and wikiHow editor. She has over 20 generations of experience writing technical documentation and therefore leading support teams at major hosting and software companies. Nicole also holds a Master of Creative Arts in Writing from Portland State University and has demonstrated writing, fiction and magazine creation at various institutions.


  1. Is it worth fixing a desktop computer?

    To see if an upgrade is really worth the money, look at how much it will cost and compare it to the age of the computer. to most “If the computers are seven years old or older, and a first-class repair costs more than 27% of the cost of a new computer, I would advise not to fix it,” says Silverman.


    Purchase a touchscreen for your laptop model.

    Depending on your laptop model, you may be able to replace your existing laptop with a touchscreen. This may only work if your laptop supportstouch screens and has a touch screen that fits your length and width and your laptop model. Check with the manufacturer if there is a version of your laptop that unfortunately has a touch screen, and this may result in a touch screen being installed.

  2. For most people, this will not be an easy task. If you’ve never disassembled a laptop, you should probably take it to a good and solid professional.
  3. If you purchased a customizable laptop with the ability to expand the touch screen before installation, you can probably purchase a touch screen digitizer and install it yourself. Depending on the model, the manufacturer may install it for you.
  4. This work simply won’t work on Mac laptops because there are components entirely designed for Mac touchscreens.
  5. Check with any laptop screen vendor, such as, to see if they have touch screens for all your models. Be aware that, for example, a 15″ touchscreen from another Dell will most likely not fit your Dell.

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    Get a touchscreen monitor.

    Don’t worry, you don’t have to carry a huge touchscreen around with you to test it: you can find a smaller standalone laptop that plugs right into the HDMI port. DisplayPort or Thunderbolt 3 ports that can turn your laptop into a useful touch screen workstation. Many models, especially the smaller ones, are under $200 and may even fit the side or top style of your existing screen.

  • Try “Portable Get Hold of Display” with your laptop screen shape to see what’s available.
  • When buying a great external monitor, make sure the connection class matches the class of your laptop (e.g. HDMI, DisplayPort). Otherwise, you’ll need an adapter.
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  • How do I fix my desktop computer?

    Click the Windows Start menu icon.
    Click Gear/Settings
    Click the Refresh icon in the Security & Safety section.
    usually left pane, click “Recovery”. section
    In “Restart this PC first” click “Actions”.
    Click “Save Delete” files, or “All”.
    Press “Next.
    Usually follow the instructions and press “Reset”.


    Use your tablet as a fourth monitor.

    If you have an Android tablet in addition to your iPad, you can support apps like

    Air Display, Display

    Duo or


    Is it worth fixing a desktop computer?

    To determine if an upgrade is really worth your money, take a close look at the cost and see what’s available for your computer’s age. “If these computers are seven years old or older and need special repairs that cost more than 15% of the actual cost of a new computer, I would advise against repairing them,” says Silverman.

    to turn your precious tablet into a second monitor.


    Link Your tablet can then mirror your current personal monitor or act as an extended second display.

    • If you have both this MacBook and an iPad, someone can also use Sidecar to make your iPad a second monitor via AirPlay. You won’t even develop to install third party software.[2]
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    Try a touch screen overlay.

    An overlay is a thin, transparent, touch-sensitive layer that covers the screen. They are not usually designed for laptops for computer screens, such as large TV screens, but are designed for displays, but you may find that they are the same size as your laptop. In most cases, finding one for a single monitor is easier without touching it, as they tend to be larger than laptop screens.

  • Whether you’re installing an overlay on a laptop or an external display, it’s important that the overlay fits exactly the size of your screen, otherwisethe touch control will be inaccurate.
  • Overlays are not the most cost-effective option, let alone the easiest to set up. It will be cheaper and faster to just buy your own touchscreen laptop (or AirBar)!