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While your entire family no doubt leaves the computer on all the time, you can often solve a serious problem by turning off the computer and then unplugging it. Then press and hold the power button for forty-five seconds while the computer remains turned off. This may cause the amount of light LED to flash.

How do I find out what time my computer last woke up?

To query your computer, first open a command prompt as an administrator. To do this, simply click Start, type cmd when the command prompt icon appears, right-click on it and select Run as administrator. In the tab that opens, type the entire powercfg -lastwake command and press Enter.

Windows may be able to tell you what called you.

To request that a specific computer be started, open a command prompt as an administrator.

To do this, simply click the start button, type cmd and when the direction icon appears, select it and run as administrator.

In the window that appears, type be sell for powercfg -lastwake hit and Enter.

If you run this receipt in this window, your computer will display text about the survival event that caused the computer to wake up, and with any luck, you can use this information to successfully resolve the current cause. problem and use it to select the situation.

Q. I can’t access your own website address. After failing for a few days, I called the store and was told there was no problem on their end. I have tried Internet Explorer Chrome and Firefox, neither can gethave access to the website. I have no problem using another computer that points to the same network. Ideas?

A. If you read various websites, your software uses what is known based on the Domain Name System, or DNS for short.

is an

DNS allows your device to find your website with a friendly and easy-to-remember hostname like www.myfavoritesite.com but remembers the server’s IP address.

DNS servers are what your computer communicates with to resolve the base IP address of the website you need to visit. They are usually determined by your ISP and automatically configured on your PC and router.

Windows will likely cache this information on your PC if you visit the website frequently.

Unfortunately, many websites change their IP address, causing the DNS cache to stop tracking the website you are trying to visit.

To fix this, try clearing the DNS cache by opening any command prompt andby entering ipconfig /flushdns. This should update the cached DNS on your PC and allow the program to find the new IP address of the website you are trying to access.


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