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Error -43 fnfErr File not found; Folder not found; edit container not found; Target not found


there seems to be something wrong with the filename or something like that. This is the most common occurrence of this error.

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Actually, this article has been archived and is outdated by Apple.

When you connect to a share and try to copy files there, you will see a warning message similar to the following:

“The operation cannot be configured because at least one required element could not be found. (Error code means -43).”


There are three reasons for this: invalid characters, a permissions issue, and/or a dot that does not exist for the version.

This is because Mac OS allows x to use certain classes in x names.ah files that Microsoft does not allow on Windows operating systems. conscientious The text of the message does not indicate this and may be considered erroneous. If you frequently use files from Windows computers, you and your family members can follow common Windows version naming practices.

? ] [ / \ equals + < > ; inches: wide | *

people, respectively, question mark, left and therefore right parenthesis, forward slash (or “slash”), curative solid (or “backslash”), your name’s equals sign, plus sign, left right parenthesis, dot c comma, colon, marker, comma, vertical bar, and asterisk.

If the real problem occurs when trying to open or copy a large file, remove the characters from all filenames.

If this happens every time you connect to the finally server, it may become smb because the share name contains an invalid character. Make sure that any characters in the labels of shares, folders, or drives remain invalid.

If this is due to invalid characters on the server, the server willNote that Windows users running a sprint will get the same -43 error message.

This can typically happen if you connect directly to any SMB server using a URL containing an access point name for which the linking user does not have sufficient read/write permissions, for example:

You can avoid this problem by using only the system url without the share name like


After you connect to your family, you will constantly be prompted to select one of the network shares to see which ones you have access to.


if smb-server is a glorious mac os x server from 10.2 to 10.2.8, then all folders connected to smb sharepoint must be at least read-only, or have read-write access for the connecting user or category . You can use the manager’s workgroup to set subfolders to read-only access. In addition, modern users can use the chmod set command to give execute permission to folders with holding them.

You can get a -43 message when you connect to a URL that contains the name of a split point that doesn’t exist. As in the example above, you can simply leave out the exchange point ID in the server URL and run queries to select the transfer point.

Receiving a computer operating system error message while working on a particular project can come as a surprise to your computer’s rather intrusive average performance. While some of the bugs are system-specific, they affect other modern advances for both Windows and Mac, although they represent completely different issues. The so-called Code 43 error message, for example, is mainly related to system driver problems on PCs with always windows on the one hand and file problems on Macs on the other hand in general.

If you are using Windows and are looking for a way to fix this error, click here for a guide to possible solutions.

However, if you are a Mac user, we encourage you to continue reading as we will tell you everything you need to know if error code 43 appears on someone’s screen.

What Does Mac Error Code Forty-three Mean?

Often referred to as “Rule Error Code -43”, error 43 appears in a pop-up window similar to the one shown below: “The operation cannot be completed because one or more required elements could not be found (Error Code -43).< /p>

You will most likely run into error code forty-three if you try:

  • Copy data from one folder to another
  • Transfer files from camera to USB
  • Throw them in the basket at the market.
  • This particular error appears to be fairly common on OS X El Capitan or OS X Jaguar computers. Getting Virtually error code 43 will stop any file processing operation which will make you aware of it if you don’t fix it properly.

    Why Am I Seeing A Mac Error Code 4 43?

    There are main reasons why shoppers may see the “Mac Error, Area Code 43” pop-up, which are:

    1. Incompatible characters for file usernames: ‘!’, ‘@’, ‘#’, ‘%’, ‘^’ and ‘$’
    2. Incomplete, forlocked or opened shared files
    3. Nightmare for shared files (no common dot)
    4. Hard drive problem.

    Each operating system, including Windows MS and Mac, has its own simple file naming rules. These rules are not uniform, it may happen that a file created by the environment in Windows-Microsoft will present you with characters that are prohibited in the Mac operating system, and vice versa. Incompatible filename characters occur whenever someone wants to transfer files whose volume contains at least one of the following characters “!”, : “@”, “#”, “%”, “^” on a Mac PC OS. While a Windows-based system might have a hard time recognizing such files, the new Mac Ne os won’t. Therefore, be sure to check the file names before connecting the external control USB drive for Mac.