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Crontab not working with Bash in Ubuntu on Windows

In trigger systems, there are always two different ways to create a cron process.

Cron Moodle Package

Use the Moodle Cron package. The easiest way for you is to use the little package MoodleCron-Setup.exe, which again makes it very easy to set up a small Windows organization. Do it and! forget it 🙂

To use it, you need to disable cron running for line commands only (under Site Admin Security → Site Settings warnings).task

Required Wget Or Php

If you prefer the built-in Windows scheduler, if you’re having problems with the moodle-cron-for-windows package, you should be able to Wget using windows for or perl from the command line and set up a scheduled task. . Just follow the instructions:

    • Select php.exe/php-win.exe (binary command set) or wget
A php.exe file or possibly php-win.binary-exe (for php version 5 and above) will be installed in your Perl (eg folder.gC:\php ) , You should get a performance improvement.Stop when running an illegal cron program.
If you want to use download wget, a Wget compiled version for Windows from native GNU Win32 ports (http://unxutils.sourceforge.From net/) from Heiko’s wget page for windows (http herold:// /hherold/) with Windows wget for Puype bart paper (http://users.ugent .be /~bpuype /wget/ ). .If .you .use the .heiko .Herolds .package .you .copy .everything.usually ..dll’s to your C:\Windows\system32 directory. Copy wget.exe to (it says c:\windows that wget should be in the search path) from.
  • Set up a scheduled task.
  • < / ul>
    go to – “Start Panel” >> Schedules “Settings >> “Add Tasks” >> “Scheduled Task”. Click
    – Click “Next” to start creating the wizard:
    – There click the “Browse…” button and navigate to c:\php\php.exe or c:\windows\wget. And click exe “Open”
    – Enter the actual task name “Moodle As as and cron” select “Daily” schedule as actual. Click Next.
    – You select “12:00 As am” as the start time, run the “Daily Task” and select the date of this period as the start date. Click Next.
    – Enter user namevatel and personal data of the user task, which it will definitely be under (not all of them have a privileged account), where they come from. Make sure you entered the change correctly. Click Next.
    – basic Check “Open “advanced” certain properties when I click Done, let alone Done With”.
    – end In the dialog box, type in the “Run:” text box the following:

    c:\windows\wget.exe -q -O NUL /admin/ cron. php


    c:\php\php-win.exe -fc:\moodle\admin\cli\cron.php

    “c:\ moodle” replace with around one of your search directory” my moodle” with the name of your site.

    – Go to the “Calendar” tab and usually the “More…” button. Highlight
    – check the corresponding task box” “Repeat and set it in combination “Every:” from 3 minutes, set “On:” to “Duration” and enter hours “23”. and “59” minutes.
    – Click “OK” and you’re done. If someone

note: uses wget version, make sure it helps check cron settings, make sure “web cron system” is enabled.

  • Check your orderScheduled task. You can check if your scheduled service can run successfully by right-clicking the item and selecting “Run” with your mouse. If everything is built correctly, you will briefly see the last dos command window while wget/php is running and simply loads the cron page, after which it disappears. Undoubtedly, if you refresh the scheduled tasks folder, you will reflect the column in “Last evening’s execution” (in the detailed view of the folder) time and fill that column in “Last result” will display “0x0” (everything went well). If they are different, you should check the configuration of Nouveau à une.
  • Save cron output. You can save the output of each cron form as a script while it is running. In court cases, you will see that there may not be errors in the production of works, security measures have been applied, or that users will have delays in receiving e-mails from the forum. To do this, configure the create command from php. And output the tape to a file with a name (for example, c:\moodle\admin\cron.log). Here is an illustration of the php.exe command:
c:\php\php.exe -f c:\moodle\admin\cron.php > c:\moodle\admin\cron.log

– Go to Start >> Control Panel >> Scheduled Tasks >> Add Scheduled Task. – Enter “Moodle Cron” as the task name and select “Daily” to view the schedule. Click next. – Select “00:00” as the start time, run the “Daily” task, and/or select today’s date as the start date.

If you’re having trouble dragging cron.php output when you want to create a text file using the above command, read this post by Iñaki For arenaza for another way to log cron output.

Confirm your work plan. After you dig out your work, make sure it is properly planned.
Check your permissions.
Check if your cron job is running by looking for a run attempt in the system log.

The other program is to modestly create a batch file on your server that does all the work, the scheduled task calls main to get that instruction. Here is an example of a proper batch file that cron will output to a file and save log files for several days.

@echo disabled
set phppath="C:\Program Files (x86)\PHP\v5.3\php.exe"
set cronpath="C:\moodle\moodle-test\wwwroot\admin\cli\cron.php"
set logpath="D:\moodle\moodle-test\cronlogs"

%phppath% -f %cronpath% >> %logpath%\%date:~10.4%%date:~4.2%%date:~7.2%.log

Forfiles /P %logpath% /S /M *.log /D -house /C "cmd /c del /q @path"

=Cron Windows In Set 10/xampp

One of the most popular tasks is that xampp cron works with a task scheduler. Using wget or moodlecron is expensive and insecure. Use the line:

c:\php\php.exe -fc:\moodle\admin\cron.php > c:\moodle\admin\cron.>



In Microsoft Windows cron job features are called scheduled jobs. They can be added through the Windows Task Scheduler interface, by installing PowerShell, or by using schtasks.exe. Running a task at a specific time or on recurring dates is still one of the common administrative tasks in all operating systems.

I’m trying to run a schedule bash script with Bash in Ubuntu on Windows on Windows 10. Whenever I write this in cron, Terminal I usually get the following error messages:

crontab: excellent crontab when installed
/var/spool/cron/: mkstemp: forbidden
crontab: access changes left in /tmp/crontab.4q0z3i/crontab

Crontab can fail for a variety of reasons: Any script you try to run with your crontab has problems, cannot run, or has restrictions. The way you are trying to run the script is probably wrong. With crontab, you’re usually trying to run both a file and a file that doesn’t have an extension.

# m h Dow Jones order on Monday
27 * * * /home/admin/ > /home/admin/logs/test.log 2>&1



If your company wants to know if this works, you can do something like sudo systemctl status cron or playstation aux | chron grep. It all depends on the syslog configuration. Some distributions/unixes report everything, others dump almost everything in a file.

One of the most common causes of a crontab job not working correctly is that the cron job has failed.Run in the user’s investment environment. When the script is executed manually, the form of the environment variable in the form of PATH may differ from that which is executed from cron.

Then wait for the cron job to run and start looking for the error in /var/log/messages (or /var/log/user.log on some systems). This is ideal for error messages that may be as little as 1-2 lines, such as “yourrcronjob: command not found”. It additionally uses your gift syslog infrastructure (log rotation, centralized syslog, Splunk, etc.)