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Troubleshooting steps for amfphp url channel.connect.failed error

I created flex with a PHP backend. The iPhone Flex application needs to communicate with the backend that creates Zend_AMF.

I have a Zend_AMF endpoint implemented as a controller so it’s very accessible at http://localhost/myapp/amf.

I’m trying out a test service using the ZamfBrowser Platform Browser.

1 Tips For Fixing Amfphp Url Errors Channel.connect.failed – Virus Fixers loading server information. Error: (
bubbles = fake
cancelable = true
currentTarget is (mx.rpc.remoting.mxml::RemoteObject)#1
ChannelSet is (mx.messaging::ChannelSet)#2
authenticated = false
channel ids = (array)#3
[0] (zero)
Channels = (array)#4
[0] (mx.messaging.channels::AMFChannel)#5
authenticated False
= channel sets equal to (array)#6
connected badly
= connection timeout is -1
enableSmallMessages means true
The endpoint is "http://localhost/myapp/amf"
Implicit FailoverURI (array) #7
implicit identifier (null)
mpiEnabled False
= netConnection equals (
equals client(mx.messaging.channels::AMFChannel)#5
connected = false
maxPeerConnections means 8
object encoding = 3
Proxy type = "none"
uri means "http://localhost/myapp/amf"
piggybackingEnabled - false
Polls mean bad
pollingEnabled implies true
pollingInterval implies 3000
protocol matches "http"
Wrong reconnection
RecordMessageSizes is false
RecordMessageTimes implies false
requestTimeout is -1
uri implies "http://localhost/myapp/amf"
The URL implies "http://localhost/myapp/amf"
useSmallMessages implies false
grouped = false
connected = false
currentchannel is (mx.messaging.channels::AMFChannel)#5
Heartbeat interval = 0
InitialDestinationId = (null)
messageAgents is (array)#9
[0] (mx.rpc::AsyncRequest)#10
authenticated = false
auto connect = true
ChannelSet = (mx.messaging::ChannelSet)#2
Client ID = (null)
connected = false
defaultHeaders = (null)
Target = "AMF"
Priority = -1
Reconnect attempts = 0
connection interval = 0
RequestTimeout = -1
subtopic = ""
competition = "several"
convertParametersHandler = (null)
convertResultHandler = (null)
Target = "AMF"
endpoint = "http://localhost/myapp/amf"
getServices = (mx.rpc.remoting.mxml::Operation)#11
argument_name equals (array)#12
Discord = (Object)#13
competition = "several"
lastResult is (zero)
makeObjectsBindable is true
name = "get services"
OperationManager is (zero)
Individual houses = (zero)
resultElementType = (null)
result type is (null)
tool = (mx.rpc.remoting.mxml::RemoteObject)#1
showBusyCursor = true
makeObjectsBindable = true
managers = (zero)
Operations = (object)#14
getServices is equal to (mx.rpc.remoting.mxml::Operation)#11
Request timeout -1
implies that showBusyCursor means true
Source implies "ZendAmfServiceBrowser"
Phase event = 2
Execution = (mx.rpc::Fault)#15
happy = (object)#16
error id is 0
The error code implies "Client.Error.MessageSend"
faultDetail matches "Channel.Connect.Failed error NetConnection.Call.BadVersion: - 'http://localhost/myapp/amf'"
url: faultString equals "failed to send"
try to sell = "faultCode:Client.Error.MessageSend faultString:'Send failed' faultDetail:'Channel.Connect.Failed error NetConnection.Call.: badversion: url: 'http://localhost/myapp/amf'"
rootCause = (
Bubbles mean evil
cancelable means false
= Channel(mx.messaging.channels::AMFChannel)#5
channelId means (null)
was onlayin = false
currentTarget = (mx.messaging.channels::AMFChannel)#5
eventPhase implies 2
error code is "Channel.Connect.Failed"
faultDetail = "NetConnection.Call.BadVersion::Web Link: 'http://localhost/myapp/amf'"
default string = "Error"
reconnect = false
rejected = false
Root Cause = (Object)#18
The code is "NetConnection.Call.BadVersion"
Description = ""
details = ""
level corresponds to "error"
unintended recipient = (mx.messaging.channels::AMFChannel)#5
type="channel error"
titles = (null)
The message is (mx.messaging.messages::ErrorMessage)#19
body means (object)#16
clientId is (zero)
Correlation ID implies "60935430-9E15-0B99-3D33-26CFA976D93E"
Target is ""
extended data is (zero)
error code matches "Client.Error.MessageSend"
faultDetail is equal to "Channel.Connect.Failed error NetConnection.Call.BadVersion::'http://localhost/myapp/amf'"
Website link: faultString implies "Failed to send"
Headers equal to (object)#20
messageId means "BDB90F14-D0D5-FAFF-6A6C-26CFA9DE9C02"
rootCause is (
Timestamp 0
timeToLive means 0
status code = 0
Target implies (mx.rpc.remoting.mxml::RemoteObject)#1
token = (mx.rpc::AsyncToken)#21
Co Messaging = (mx.messaging.messages::RemotingMessage)#22
body means (array) #23
Client ID = (null)
target = ""
Title equals (Object)#24
Message ID